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IdN online Creators article on MUSE-UM Design

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“Our studio has its roots in Macau — a city with an interesting blend of eastern and western cultures. We’re not only impacted by Portuguese heritage; we also seek out the city’s local culture. While globalization influences our clients and the public, we always try to design with echoes of the emotions in Chinese culture.” 

Inspired by their unique perceptions of the life around them, 2009, Benny Pou I Tang and Ray Biyi Zhu founded a design studio that allowed them to courageously innovate. Ever since founding this small studio, they have been dedicated to upholding an active and pragmatic attitude toward design. More recently, they carried this concept over to MUSE-UM. In this new studio, they focus on the design process and communication, presenting their works in a multitude of ways to help build bridges between their clients and the public; they strive to create intimate interactions between ideas and people. MUSE-UM mostly works on theme-promotion, visual identity, publication, and packaging design.


* Above is reproduced from IdN online interview