從生活的感知出發,2009年Benny Pou I Tang Ray Biyi Zhu 創立了敢於嘗鮮的設計工作室。從一間小型的工作室開始,他們堅持活躍積極的個性和務實求真的態度專注於設計過程及溝通,讓作品以不同的方式呈現,更多的是他們帶著這樣的信念再次出發,建立了MUSE-UM。在此他們專注于協助客戶和大眾建立好溝通的橋梁,讓人與設計理想地互動。

MUSE-UM 主要從事主題推廣設計、視覺形象識別設計、出版物設計、互動設計等。

MUSE-UM is an open “Pool”, we let the works we receive “Be Water” and fill the “Pool” to shape.

Inspired by their unique perceptions of the life around them, 2009, Benny Pou I Tang and Ray Biyi Zhu founded a design studio that allowed them to courageously innovate. Ever since founding this small studio, they have been dedicated to upholding an active and pragmatic attitude toward design. More recently, they carried this concept over to MUSE-UM. In this new studio, they focus on the design process and communication, presenting their works in a multitude of ways to help build bridges between their clients and the public; they strive to create intimate interactions between ideas and people. MUSE-UM mostly works on theme-promotion, visual identity, publication, and interactive design. 



  • 2017 美國 圖形設計海報年度-金獎|Graphis Poster Annual Awards at Gold
  • 2016 莫斯科 金蜂平面設計雙年展作品入選|Moscow Golden Bee 12th Global Biennial of graphic design
  • 2016 美國 第46屆 Creativity International design 銅獎|46th USA Creativity Media Design Awards at Bronze
  • 2015 台灣 金點設計標章獎|Golden Pin Design Award
  • 2015 意大利 海報雙年獎|Italian Poster Biennial
  • 2015 台灣 國際平面設計獎|Taiwan International Graphic Design Award
  • 2013 美國 溝通藝術雜誌字體年度評選優異|Communication Arts Typography Annual Excellent Awards
  • 2013 香港 設計師協會環球設計大獎字體組別入選優異獎|Merit Typography of HKDA Global Design Awards (HKDA GDA)
  • 2012 靳埭强設計獎專業組插畫設計 入圍|KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award Worldwide Competition – Illustration Design
  • APD亞太設計年鑒NO.8 八項作品入選|ASIA Pacific Design NO.8
  • 第8屆中國澳門設計雙年展書籍設計銅獎| 8th Macau Design Biennial – Book Design (Bronze award)
  • 第8屆中國澳門設計雙年展視覺形隊系統設計銅獎 | 8th Macau Design Biennial – Visual Identity Design (Bronze award)