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Jump over the Floral Tributes

搶花炮曾經是雀仔園土地廟舉辦的大型活動,由於時代變遷現在這種傳統活動已經不再舉辦了,而年輕一輩對這種有趣的活動所知甚少。因此,MUSE-UM 團隊希望借助童年時玩耍的’跳飛機’遊戲內的形式與傳統活動‘搶花炮’中的內容相結合,借助玩遊戲向公眾展現‘搶花炮’這一傳統活動的流程。希望公眾在參與中,對‘搶花炮’有一個整體的印象,增加對傳統文化、傳統節慶活動的認知。

尺寸:2.94m | 媒材:膠帶

Scramble for Floral Tributes used to a big activity when Tou Tei Temple celebrate the birthday of Tou Tei( Earth God). Because of the change of time, this kind of Macanese traditional activity is no longer conduct. Today youngsters know very limited in this entertaining activity. So we hope with the help of the form of Hopscotch, combining with the content of traditional entertainment, to present the process of Scramble for Floral Tributes to the public through playing the game. We hope that during the whole participation, people could have a general impression in Scramble for Floral Tributes, also enhance their understanding with our traditional culture and celebration.

Size: 2.94m | Material: Adhesive tape
年份 Year
客戶 Client
藝術進入社區-藝術著陸雀仔園2014 | Art in Community Project-Art Lands on the Bird Paradise 2014
項目 Project
裝置 | Installation