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Macao Meets Taiwan Ex

由澳門牛房倉庫藝術空間策劃的「跨域 • 澳門台灣 • 藝術交流展」以雙策展人策展的形式開展,並分別邀請了澳門及台灣兩地從事不同媒材創作的藝術家共同探討這一話題。「跨域」由兩地的溝通、傳輸開始,在電子傳輸內容中總會夾雜著許多符號,在電子郵件溝通中形成的電子附件始終貫穿著談話。

Organised by OX Warehouse Macao, the “Cross Boundary Macao Meets Taiwan Artistic Exchange Exhibition” was formally developed by two curators and respectively invited the artist who goes in for different medium and method in their creation to participate in the exhibition. “Cross Boundary” start from the communication and transmission between two places and some information through the transfer process are always mixed up with a lot of symbols. Electron attachment formed in the e-mail communication throughout the conversation.
年份 Year
客戶 Client
澳門牛房倉庫藝術空間 | OX Warehouse, Macao
項目 Project
主題推廣 | Theme Promo