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澳門博彩問題 Campaign
the Campaign of Gambling Issue in Macao


Encouraging by Macao gaming industry, local gaming problem becomes an issue of social focus. Because of its influence may lead to a series problems, such as individual depression, the breakdown of a family relationship, the corruption of social morality and etc. We work with the New Chinese Youth Association, an organisation that helps with the sustainable development of young people in Macao, improving self-conscious gambling addictions. We have been going into theirs’ research about prevention of gambling addiction. Using visual strategy and interaction experience, we present the concept about the severity of gambling addictions to the public. Moreover, through the presentation, our design helps the association to create a bridge of communication with peoples, in order to strengthen the public awareness of gambling addiction and pay attention to the association itself.
年份 Year
客戶 Client
澳門中華新青年協會 | New Chinese Youth Association, Macao
項目 Project
主題推廣 | Theme Promo
製作人員 Credit
Creative & Designed : 未可視設計
Video production : Mirage Visual