中國 Dance Delight03 港澳分賽區
China Dance Delight03 (Macao&Hongkong)

「DANCE DELIGHT」是起源於日本大阪的國際街舞舞蹈大賽, 澳門繼2011年成為中國賽區的首個分賽區後,2012年澳門街舞文化協會繼續承辦了這一賽事。

MUSE-UM有興獲得與街舞文化協會合作的機會,為是次比賽製定視覺形象識別,展覽規劃以及網路宣傳等設計。通過對多屆「DANCE DELIGHT」的形象做出對比,是次利用黃與黑亮色以及帶有電流感的設計字體突出這次比賽的特點。

Originated in Osaka Japan, “Dance Delight” is an international hip-pop dance competition. After 2011s Macao became the first division of China, Macao Street Dance Culture Association continued to organise this competition in 2012.

We have a chance to cooperated with the organiser to create the competition visual identity, exhibition arrangement, web promotional, campaigns design and so on. Compared with another visual image of “Dance Delight”, the yellow and black colour and electricity typeface may echo with the characteristic in the street hip-pop dance competition.
年份 Year
客戶 Client
澳門街舞文化協會 | Macao Street Dance Culture Association
項目 Project
主題推廣 | Theme Promo