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Birds Posture Calligraphy

「藝術著陸雀仔園2013」是牛房倉庫藝術空間策劃的一個為期六個月的年度社區藝術計劃。為了此次項目MUSE-UM 特意為其設計了一套以雀鳥為主題的字體,字體由的「形」「意」「像」構想,突出此區歷史背景同時亦與活動主題相呼應。

靈感源於觀察鳥兒拍翼瞬間的動態, 從漢字「書畫同源」的特性出發,使每個漢字都展現出不同的鳥兒的印象。在設計過程中,經過不斷調整,以致突出每一個字的觀嘗性,同時達到閱讀功能上作為標題與內文均能使用的效果。

“Art Lands on the Bird Paradise- Community Art Project” is an annual community art project organised by OX Warehouse Macao for a period of six months. For this project, we have introduced a typeface for the bird, and all of that conceived of shape, meaning and reflection, each alphabet has details recalling and reflecting this historical area background and the theme.

The inspiration is coming from the observation about the dynamics moment when the birds flapping their wings. The concept started from the Chinese words -- Type and Pantings come from the same root. Every single word is showing a different impression of a bird.We concentrated on the typeface adjustment to protruded the ornamental value in each word and also fulfil the function of reading. Consequently, the creation can be used regardless of the titles or the body text.
年份 Year
客戶 Client
澳門牛房倉庫藝術空間 | OX Warehouse, Macao
項目 Project
字體設計 | Typeface Design